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Foot infections can quickly spread to other areas of your body if you don’t seek treatment right away. At Upstate Podiatry Services in Schenectady, New York, you can meet with expert podiatrist, Scott J. Pickett, DPM, for a solution. With his extensive background in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle infections, he can help you find an effective treatment. Book your evaluation through the online scheduling system or by calling the office.

Foot Infection Q & A

What causes foot infections?

Foot infections can stem from a variety of issues, and you may even have more than one cause coinciding. Some of the most common causes of foot infections, or factors that can increase your risk, include:

  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • High blood sugar
  • Fungal contamination
  • Bacterial infection
  • Trauma or injury with a foreign object

You’re also more likely to develop foot infections at an older age, simply because your skin is frailer and your body heals at a slower pace. In some cases, you can even develop infections in the bones and soft tissues of your feet and ankles.

Are foot infections contagious?

Often yes, but to varying degrees. Fungal and bacterial foot skin infections are often moderately or highly contagious. Not only can your feet become contaminated if you come into contact with the fungus or bacteria, but you can easily spread infections to others.

Some of the typical contagious foot infections Dr. Pickett treats include athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and ringworm. Ingrown toenails can easily become infected as well. But, the chances of spreading the bacterial infection to someone else is low, unless they also have an open wound.

Bone or soft tissue infections can be contagious. These infections sometimes lead to oozing wounds if bone or soft tissue were injured due to blunt force trauma, leaving the area open to infection. You could potentially spread the infection to someone else if they also have an open wound on their skin.

How are foot infections treated?

With his extensive background in wound healing and complex skin conditions, Dr. Pickett can find a treatment that effectively resolves your foot infection. You may need one or more of the following:

  • Oral antibiotics or antifungal medications
  • Topical antimicrobial or antifungal ointments
  • Callus, corn, or ingrown toenail removal
  • Specialty dressings
  • Surgery to repair infected bones or soft tissues

Dr. Pickett doesn’t just work to treat your foot infection; he also educates you on how to care for your feet at home to prevent future infections. Wearing properly fitted shoes and keeping your feet clean and dry are some of the best things you can do to keep your feet healthy.

If you have unexplained foot pain or know you have a foot infection, book an appointment at Upstate Podiatry Services. Schedule either online or over the phone.