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Men and women throughout Schenectady, New York can get the foot and ankle reconstructive surgery they need at Upstate Podiatry Services. The clinic’s expert board-certified podiatrist, Scott J. Pickett, DPM, has extensive training with minimally-invasive foot and ankle reconstructive surgery for injuries, chronic conditions, or deformities. If you have a painful condition or you need reconstructive surgery in the future, book an evaluation with Dr. Pickett through the convenient online scheduling feature or by phone.

Reconstructive Surgery Q & A

Why do I need reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery are generally the last resort if you haven’t had success with conservative treatments, like physical therapy or bracing. It’s also possible to need reconstructive surgery after a major sports injury or severe trauma. You might need reconstructive surgery to:

  • Correct bunions or hammertoes
  • Repair prior fractures
  • Repair ligaments or tendons
  • Correct flat feet
  • Correct heel spurs

Modern reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries are much less invasive than they were years ago. They are often performed laparoscopically, so your recovery time is minimal. Additionally, since laparoscopic surgery involves just a few small incisions, you won’t have to worry about severe surgical scarring.

How long is the recovery after reconstructive surgery?

Your recovery time after reconstructive surgery depends on which type of surgery you’re having. In most cases, you need to plan on staying off your feet as much as possible for at least the first week.

Dr. Pickett might provide a walking cast, cane, or set of crutches to help you gradually start walking again when you feel ready. Over time, you can slowly start bearing weight on your treated foot.

It can take several months for you to fully recover and get back into your regular activities, workout routine, or sports activity. Because Dr. Pickett has extensive experience in all types of foot and ankle reconstructive surgeries, he can tell you what you should expect and how long it’s going to take for you to recover.  

Do I need physical therapy after reconstructive surgery?

Possibly, although it depends on your specific surgery and how well you heal. The purpose of physical therapy is to help regain muscle tone and flexibility in the treated area. Physical therapy is also beneficial to help prevent future injuries, by strengthening your foot or ankle.

Dr. Pickett might show you some at-home exercises and movements shortly after surgery to help with blood circulation. Once your incision site heals, he may also recommend physical therapy sessions every week.

Book your foot or ankle reconstructive surgery evaluation at Upstate Podiatry Services the online scheduling feature, or over the phone.