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If you have a foot or ankle injury as an athlete or exercise enthusiast, it’s important to see a sports injury specialist. With his extensive training in sports injuries, you can get treatment from expert podiatrist Scott J. Pickett, DPM of Upstate Podiatry Services in Schenectady, New York. Dr. Pickett is known for helping athletes recover fully and return to the game with as little downtime as possible. Book your evaluation by using the online scheduling system, or by calling the clinic.

Sports Injuries Q & A

Which sports injuries are most common?

Your feet and ankles not only bear your entire body weight, but they have to support you during quick turns, running sprints, and other intense activities. While sports injuries can affect any area of your body, some of the most common injuries include:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Foot or ankle fractures
  • Shin splints
  • Toenail bruising

Even though sports injuries are common among athletes, they can affect anyone who exercises or performs a vigorous activity. Some sports injuries develop on the skin of your foot or ankle in the form of abrasions, blisters, or other open wounds.

The problem is that these minor injuries are often overlooked. Because blood circulation is limited in your feet and ankles– especially if you’re on your feet for hours on end– these minor wound injuries don’t heal quickly. Wearing sweaty socks and shoes for extended periods of time can slow the healing process even more and may even lead to infection.

These acute wounds can turn into a chronic sports injury that requires medical intervention.

How are sports injuries treated?

Dr. Pickett puts together a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs. Your sports injury treatment could include:

  • Compression or casting
  • Physical therapy
  • Wound care
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

If you have a severe fracture or soft tissue injury, Dr. Pickett might need to perform surgery to heal the affected area. No matter what your treatment plan looks like, you can feel confident that Dr. Pickett and his team are going to treat your sports injury effectively so that you can get back into the game as soon as possible.

Can I prevent sports injuries?

Even though you can’t prevent every single injury from occurring while playing sports, you can certainly take measures to reduce your risk of injury drastically. Some of the best ways to prevent sports injuries include:

  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Stretching slowly
  • Bracing areas that were previously injured
  • Wearing supportive footwear

If your feet or ankles seem unstable, Dr. Pickett might even suggest getting fitted for custom orthotics to help give you more support in your athletic shoes.

Book your sports injury evaluation at Upstate Podiatry Services by using the online scheduler, or by calling the office.